Sprouted Grains​

Sprouted brown rice, GABA or Germinated Rice, has numerous health benefits and is easier to digest than regular brown rice. Sprouting brown rice changes its nutrient composition drastically. More specifically, the levels of Vitamin E, B1 and B3, Magnesium, and GABA increase. Sprouted brown rice has up to 3 times more GABA content than brown rice and 10 times more than White Rice!

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Grains​ and Beans

Check our selection of grains and beans. We carefully selected and picked the best grains and beans around the world and in Canada.

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Ready to Eat Foods​

Using high quality ingredients and following traditional Korean recipes to fit the everyday needs of 21st century.

Minced Garlic & Black Garlic

Premium minced garlic made in Canada. No artificial additives or preservatives.