Hwa Joo Dang (HJD) is a family-run food manufacturing firm in BC. Established in 2009, HJD strives to create high quality and innovative Korean/Asian cuisine.

Our Products

Sprouted Grains

Our sprouted brown rice have numerous health benefits and are easier to digest.

Minced Garlic

Our premium minced garlic is made in Canada. No artificial additives or preservatives – only plants!

Ready to Eat

Our line of Smart Chois foods uses high quality ingredients following traditional Korean recipes for the modern palette.

Traditional Recipes

​HJD’s products follow traditional recipe with a touch of modernity to fit the everyday needs. We hope to introduce and inspire many customers to explore and discover the authentic & unique flavours.

About Hwa Joo Dang

We’re a growing family business offering healthy, modern and convenient foods while staying true to our traditional roots. You can find our products under the HJD and Smart Chois labels at Asian grocery stores including T&T Supermarket and H-Mart.

Our Grains

Our Grains

Our sprouted grains are a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy your favorite foods, with no additives or preservatives – just the seeds!

We sprout our brown rice and multi grain foods to increase their nutritional value, bioavailability, digestibility and flavour. Our grains make both sweet and savory recipes delicious, while containing more antioxidants, vitamins and protein. The carbohydrate content is also lower compared to traditional seeds and grains.

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