About Us

Our story begins in a small factory in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia…

Our story starts in 2003 when our founder, John, immigrated to Canada in hopes of building a better future for his family. With an engineering background from Korea in hand, John dreamed of blending his knowledge with his passion for Korean/Asian foods. With that, in 2008, Hwa Joo Dang (HJD) Enterprises was born.

John always sought new ways of utilizing his knowledge as an engineer to build unique equipment and innovative techniques for the kitchen. Through his determined research and meticulous experiments in a small factory in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, John brought novel techniques to enhance Asian cuisine.
One of his first successes was the Makgeolli (Rice Wine) Kit. To use, one must simply add water to the mixture, and a traditional Korean Rice Wine can be brewed in a week by only using household items.

Soon following this breakthrough, John’s next discovery was an efficient way to sprout brown rice. He sprouts this locally in BC, then blends them with other whole grains to make nutritious and tasty multi-grain items.

Taking inspiration from his heritage, John knew there must be a way to improve the convenience of garlic, a key ingredient in Korean cuisine. Koreans love adding garlic to their cuisine, but peeling and mincing them can be tedious. John discovered an ingenious way to maintain the freshness of minced garlic without the use of preservatives.

From humble beginnings, Hwa Joo Dang (HJD), or as it now goes by, Smart Choi’s, strives towards developing innovative items that taste great and are accessible to customers at affordable prices.

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We work with distributors to stock our products at fine grocery stores across Canada and the USA.

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